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Our mission is to bring people and brands together through community and experiences.

Fourpost is a shopping destination for today’s family that combines the best brands and experiences under one roof. Our retail communities feature rotating selections of fresh brands and inventory, local eats, and interactive, family-friendly environments. Beyond shopping, we offer educational programming, networking, and workshops for both adults and children that encourage endless discovery and engagement. Our first location opened in 2018 at Mall of America in Minnesota, with our second opening soon at American Dream in New Jersey.

Our Story

The retail industry is in the midst of a significant shift. When conveniences such as Amazon and direct-to-consumer brands popped up, customers flocked to online shopping. However, brands and customers are now moving back to brick and mortar stores—Warby Parker, Wayfair, and even Amazon are opening up storefronts where customers can shop, connect with, and experience products in real life.

For many brands, opening a store can be a daunting task. From finding a space to having to build it out, the entire process can take months to years, not to mention being fairly expensive. There needs to be an easier and more efficient way for brands of all sizes to benefit from this shift back to brick and mortar.

Mark Ghermezian founded Fourpost to support these brands. Fourpost democratizes the retail industry by lowering the barrier of entry for brands to open a brick and mortar storefront and share their stories with new audiences. Through our four ‘posts’—community, environment, service, and experience—we lift up our brands and engage customers on a personal level.

We work with our brands to create custom shop designs that allow them to be discovered and experienced by their target customers. We provide key insights, analytics, training, staffing, and more to create a truly turnkey, full-service brick and mortar solution. Our brands are trusted partners, with the hopes that we will grow together and contribute to their success in brick and mortar retail and beyond.

For shoppers, Fourpost is a new kind of store designed for the whole family. We offer a fresh mix of curated brands across a variety of categories, ranging from fashion to children’s goods to home decor to food. But the Fourpost experience goes beyond just shopping. Our community gives parents a place to connect and learn from both each other and from family-focused events and programming. At Fourpost, there’s always something new to try within our delightful, family-friendly environments.

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