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26 Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas for the 2018 Season

Whether you prefer to DIY or get your decor straight from a box, decorating your home for the holidays should be cheerful and relaxing. So get into the holiday spirit, break out your hot glue guns and spray paint, and pick your color palette. From inspiration for the dining room to the living room and everything in between, these 26 decorating ideas will make your home a little more festive and bright this season:

1. Get your Grinch-style on and make a small Christmas tree for your hallway display or table centerpiece.

A small Christmas tree makes a beautiful piece for anywhere in your home—from the hallway entry to your desk to the dining room table. Fleurs Flowers is hosting workshops in Edmonton to teach you how to make their Grinch and sleeker Straight Up styles. Or try it on your own with this tabletop Grinch tree DIY tutorial.

2. Deck out your tree with several sizes of your favorite twinkling lights.

Just like with your ornaments, you should use lights of different sizes and shapes to give your tree decorations more complexity and depth. Large, round lights lights will add brightness to your tree without having to wrap each branch while twinkle string lights will give it a classy feel.

3. No space in your apartment for a Christmas tree? Add one to your wall with colored masking tape.

The mt masking tape shop at Fourpost in Mall of America has a variety of colors to choose from and there are tons of DIY tutorials to show you how to tape up your tree.

4. Or hot glue greenery to wooden dowels and stack them on your wall in a tree shape.

If you don’t have much space, but love fresh greenery, this is the perfect DIY tree for you. You can get the tutorial from Almost Makes Perfect.

5. Place brightly colored bottle brush trees in your kitchen.

Pair bright bottle brush trees in your kitchen with fruit to add splashes of color and a fresh touch to your home.

6. Or make your mantel merry with them.

Photo Credit: Sugar & Cloth

Wrapped gifts don’t get to be the only colorful pieces this year. Rainbow or multi-colored bottle brush trees can add a whimsical touch to your mantel decorations.

7. Place ornaments in a glass bowl, vase, or Mason jar to create a stunning centerpiece for your holiday mantel.

Photo Credit: Freedb2

If you have old or extra ornaments sitting around, this is a great way to use them in your holiday decor. These centerpieces can also be great on a tabletop—place them in a bowl on a silver serving tray along with a few snow-capped bottle brush trees and you’ll have your own little winter wonderland.

8. Mix up the ornaments with a few sprigs of evergreens and holly.

Photo Credit: Midwest Living

Pick up glass vases at your local thrift or dollar store and place some herbs, holly, mistletoe, or tree trimmings in them for a fresh, green look on your mantel.

9. DIY your own holiday sweater candles to add a cozy touch to your mantel.

Photo Credit: DigsDigs

Let that soft candlelight glow off your ornament vases and create a cozy feel in your home. Simply grab some old sweaters and create sleeves for your favorite candles. We recommend checking out Sophia Lauren Candle Co. in Edmonton or Excelsior Candle Co. in Minneapolis to find your favorite holiday scents.

10. No mantel? Get creative and hang your stockings from a coat rack, bookshelf, or curtain rods.

Photo Credit: Curbly

Dress up a coat rack or bookshelf with garlands and twinkle lights and hang your Christmas stockings there. Or tie a ribbon to them and let them dangle in your windows.

11. Top your mantel with a letter set that you can paint in your own color scheme or dress up with greenery and winter berries.

B+D Custom Crafts at Fourpost in Mall of America sells holiday letter set kits that you can customize to match your holiday decor.

12. Set out a bowl of apples and fresh garland to add a rustic (and delicious!) touch to your decor.

Photo Credit: Country Living

This would look great on a hallway or side table, adding a pop of color and freshness to a room.

13. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, stack your logs inside or nearby and paint the ends in festive colors.

Photo Credit: Country Living

You could even add glitter or sequins for an extra-sparkly touch.

14. Cut out paper snowflakes and hang them from a thin branch or create a garland for your mantel or Christmas tree.

Whether you hang them on your wall, window, or tree, these 3D snowflakes are a classy and simple way to DIY your decor.

15. Double up on wreaths this season and hang two from a ribbon on your front door for an extra festive look.

Photo Credit: Southern Living

For this easy DIY project, all you need is some fishing line, ribbon, and a couple of wreaths. Simply tie the wreaths onto the fishing line, pin the ribbon to your door, and hang the wreaths over it.

16. Not into wreaths? Put greenery and berries in a basket for a fun alternative to the traditional door decoration.

Photo Credit: Country Living

If you don’t want to DIY this one, you can get cute Christmas door baskets on Etsy or Williams Sonoma. Otherwise, get a wicker basket, tie a black and red plaid ribbon around it, fill it with evergreen cuttings, and stick a few bunches of red berries in it to create a festive look for your front door.

17. Choose your favorite holiday word and make a banner for your front door.

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess

This DIY holiday door banner tutorial is an easy way to spruce up your entry. All you need is foam or cardboard letters, gold ribbon, sheet moss, a glue gun, white felt, wreath hangers, and fabric glue.

18. Hang paper snowflakes in each window pane on your front door.

Photo Credit: Small Measures

Cut out your favorite snowflake patterns and string them from thread or fishing line in each window pane.

19. Having friends or family over for a holiday dinner? Create handwritten place cards for the table.

Use calligraphy and a gold pen on gift tags for holiday name cards. You could even tie them to an ornament or candy cane for a more festive effect. If you want to learn calligraphy for your holiday cards (for the table or just Christmas cards), RSVP to Peak Paper Co’s calligraphy workshop at Fourpost Edmonton. Intimidated by calligraphy? This tutorial shows you how to fake the script with a ballpoint pen or marker.

20. Decorate pine cones and create a holiday table centerpiece with them.

Photo Credit: Tatertots & Jello

You can spray paint them gold and silver or frost them with fake snow for extra sparkle this season. Here’s a tutorial for the centerpiece above.

21. Make a pretty platter out of ornaments, sprigs of green, or bottle brush trees.

Photo Credit: Midwest Living

This easy DIY tray will jazz up your dinner table for the holidays.

22. Set out colorful candy and cookies to add a sweet touch to your holiday decor.

Photo Credit: Kevin & Amanda

Cookies and peppermint are the perfect Christmas addition to your mantel or dessert table. If you’re looking for tasty macarons, check out Dearest Baker at Fourpost Minneapolis.

23. If you don’t have room on your table or mantel for Christmas candy, hang it in your windows for a sweet display.

Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping

Dangle your candy canes from a bright red ribbon along the top of your window. Hang a green garland above them for added charm.

24. Cozy up your living room with a plaid throw blanket on the couch.

Photo Credit: It’s Always Autumn

Throw blankets are a cozy addition to any living room. You can also tie red ribbons on white throw pillows to create holiday gifts for your couch. Find your new favorite throw blanket from Heartprint Threadsholiday pop-up in Edmonton.

25. Not sure what to do with all your holiday greeting cards? Display them on a ladder.

Photo Credit: Country Living

Hanging Christmas cards from a wooden ladder in your entryway or living room is a cute and festive way to display all your friend and family’s holiday greetings.

26. Replace images with greenery in your photo frames.

Photo Credit: Midwest Living

Place sprigs of holly or evergreen in photo frames to create classy, rustic decor for your living room. If you get frames from Magnaframe at Fourpost Minneapolis, you can make multiple configurations for a whimsical display.

Now that you’re inspired with these decorating ideas, have fun with your holiday home decor this season!