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5 Ways to Brighten Your Home for the Holidays

If you’re not the type of person who puts their tree up right after Thanksgiving, it’s okay! There’s still plenty of time to get festive. And there’s nothing like decorating your home to put you in the holiday spirit. 

At Fourpost in Mall of America this season, we skipped the classic red and green for brighter, bolder hues. But the best tip we can give you for holiday decorating is to tap into the colors you already have in your home. So if you’re ready to make your home merry and bright, here are five ways you can add a festive twist with some whimsical DIY decor! 

1. Tie pom poms to the gifts under the tree.

Fourpost team member, Akiko McQuerry, making pom poms for Fourpost MOA

Instead of sticking on a traditional bow, make pom poms and tie them to your gifts for a cute and whimsical look.

If you purchase a pom maker, pom poms are super easy to DIY whenever you want them! Pick a yarn that matches your holiday decor colors (we went with blue, pink, and yellow), wrap it around the maker, cut it, and tie.

Here’s an easy tutorial to get you started:

Once you’ve made a pom pom, simply tie it onto the ribbons or yarn around your gift boxes, like this:

Besides decorating presents, you could also hang these pom poms on the tree as ornaments to add a touch of fun to your holiday decorations.

2. Make a washi tape Christmas tree.

Perfect for bringing the holidays into tiny apartments and onto Christmas cards, try getting crafty this year with washi tape. Grab your favorite holiday colors and tape up a colorful tree. You can even add real twinkle lights and ornaments for an extra festive look.

Washi tape trees are one of the best DIY hacks for small spaces, but you can also use them for fun decor in a larger home as well. Tape one on your door in place of a wreath or put one in the bedroom to bring the holidays throughout your home.

This tape is also wonderful for creating magical, homemade holiday cards that anyone would love to receive. And you can choose from dozens of tape colors and patterns at the mt masking tape shop at Fourpost in Mall of America.

3. Hang ornaments, snowflakes, or candy canes from colorful ribbons.

Northern Brights Scene at Fourpost MOA

Hanging ornaments in unexpected places is a unique way to add color to your home this holiday season! At Fourpost, we attached ornaments from Kurt Adler onto colorful ribbons and hung them over a holiday scene near our store entrance. Even more fun is that Kurt Adler’s glass ornaments come in playful shapes like avocados, bacon, beer mugs, and ice skates (you can pick up your own at Fourpost MOA). Decorate your tree with these ornaments as well to create little moments of joy.

You can also go with a more classic look by using red ribbons to tie candy canes up on your windows. Dangle them from a green garland or with pinecones.

Or you can go a little old school by hanging up paper snowflakes. Whether you put them in your windows, dangle them from the ceiling, or string them as a garland on the tree, they’ll add a classic flair to your holiday decor. At our store, we hung blue snowflakes above Lovepop’s pop-up cards for a wintry look. 

Lovepop at Fourpost MOA

Here’s a tutorial that walks you through how to make the perfect snowflake:

4. Add (literal) brightness to your home with holiday candles.

To DIY your holiday candle set up, collect your favorite candles from around your home and set them inside colorful jars or vases, or simply place greenery around their base.

If you’re buying new candles this holiday season (always a good time for the best scents!), we recommend Paddywax or Anecdote Candles and Made Market Co.'s bottled matches for a splash of color.

5. Display your holiday cards.

Not sure what to do with all those holiday cards you’ve been receiving? Use them in your decor to create festive and meaningful moments throughout your home! You can pin cards onto red ribbons and hang them down a door or thread them through a staircase banister under a green garland.

And if you’re looking for some of your own cute holiday cards to send out, check out Lovepop’s pop-up cards and local, Minnesota letterpress studio Bench Pressed at Fourpost in Mall of America.

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