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Our Top 10 Travel Picks for Your Next Vacation

If you’ve been dreaming of long, white beaches and blue sea, ancient Mayan ruins, or exploring Paris with your amour, we’ve got you covered.

Learn about trends in travel, ideas to help you treat yourself to a vacay, and tools to simplify traveling during our Take the Vacay panel. While tickets are all sold out, we’ll be going live on Facebook at 6 PM CTS on February 21 with some of today’s biggest travel experts.

Then explore our top travel picks to fill your adventurous spirit (and bags) with the right vacation gear.

1. TASCHEN’s beautiful travel books for travel planning inspiration.

TASCHEN’s travel books, such as “100 Getaways Around the World,” are perfect for finding the best spots to visit across the globe. Whether you’re dreaming of Europe, Asia, or South America, explore their shop at Fourpost and you might just discover your next vacay locale.

2. A sturdy canvas duffle that will hold up no matter how many countries you drag it through.

Northern Grade’s shop at Fourpost offers this large canvas duffle bag, which is perfect for a longer getaway. It can fit a hefty amount of gear and its shoulder strap makes it easy to carry.

3. Matching passport holders, luggage tags, and sleeping masks.

From keeping your passport protected to getting some extra Z’s on the flight, PRINTWORKS’ colorful travel accessories are the perfect companions for your next trip.

4. Carry on cocktail kits to carry you through a long flight.

W&P’s carry on cocktail kits can craft a variety of different drinks, such as a Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned, or Margarita. Just the right price and size, you’ll never want to get on the plane without one again.

5. A play kit to keep your little ones amused while on the road.

This explorer play kit from Rose & Rex is the perfect pick for your little adventurer. Easy to pack up and put away when they’re done, each suitcase contains fun items, such as a compass, water bottle, binoculars, travel diary, and treasure box.

6. Environmentally-friendly water bottles to keep you hydrated as you trek around the globe.

These all-steel water bottles from LAMOSE are built to last you for years. Plus, you can get them personalized with a laser engraving at Fourpost with whatever image or phrase reflects your most adventurous spirit. Just make sure you empty it before going through airport security!

7. A stylish travel pack that includes hand wash and lotion.

Stay clean and moisturized during your vacation with this travel-sized gift set from Essence One. It includes a travel addict zip bag, hand and body wash, lotion, aromatherapy rollerball, and sleeping mask.

8. A daily facial cleanser to give your skin a healthy glow.

Add Honey Belle’s mini foaming facial soaps into your travel pack—they’re carry on size! Made with a blend of organic oils, they’ll keep your face bright and healthy for all the travel selfies you post on Instagram.

9. Nautical shirts for the perfect beach destination look.

If you’re heading to the beach, pick up some cute nautical-striped shirts from SAINT JAMES. The brand has an interesting history stretching back to the 11th century when villagers in the town of Saint-James knit sweaters and nautical gear for local sailors.

10. A red polka dot purse to match your favorite resort dress.

The design for this round purse from Please Don’t Tell was inspired by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Mexican artisans craft these purses from pumpkins in the region of Guerrero, and finish them with a bamboo handle.

Ready to be leaving on a jet plane? Check out our top travel picks at Fourpost in Mall of America (styles and availability may vary).