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A New Era of Shopping

Is the future of retail in-store or online? The answer is both. People are embracing technology and exploring new brands virtually, but still crave the human connections and community that they can only experience in real life. Our vision at Fourpost is to bring the best of e-commerce and brick and mortar together, in an effort to connect brands with their customers and provide an unparalleled shopping experience.

So what is it that makes e-commerce so appealing to customers and brands? According to a recent study around online consumer shopping habits and behavior, the most common reason(s) for customer satisfaction when shopping online were the ease of checkout and variety of brands and products offered.  People value the convenience of being able to purchase everything in one place. This is why Fourpost carefully selects a diverse set of products and brands, to give shoppers a one-stop shop for fashion, home décor, food, and more. Whether it is handmade vintage rugs for mom, professional-grade makeup products for your teen, or creative toys for your newborn, Fourpost has something for everyone.

Fourpost member Rose & Rex makes imaginative toys that promote learning through play

On the brand side, e-commerce tools and digital advertising efforts give companies substantial visibility into customer insights and analytics. This is one area that brick and mortar retailers have struggled to keep up with, and an area of opportunity that we distinguished with Fourpost. We created an easy-to-use dashboard, so that companies have the ability to navigate storefront data, and gain useful insights and analytics to grow their businesses.

Fourpost Dashboard

Through e-commerce analytics, brands are able to personalize advertisements and receive insight into their existing and potential customers. However, the only way for companies to truly connect with their customers and effectively communicate their “brand story” is in real-life. Fourpost gives brands the opportunity to customize their own “Studio Shops” where customers can see, touch, taste, and experience the product or service for themselves. Through these interactive, inclusive, and experiential spaces, today’s family can explore and discover unique and innovative brands.

Beyond shopping, we offer educational programming, networking, and workshops for both adults and children that encourage endless discovery and engagement. At our Mall of America location in Minnesota, we are having a panel discussion at the end of the month where local travel experts will speak about travel trends, tools to simplify traveling, and ideas for your next stay-cation.

We are also looking forward to a series of pop-ups in partnership with top Canadian brands to promote our future Fourpost location in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our upcoming Treat Yo’ Self Pop Up on February 22 will feature a variety of unique brands including The Tidy, Tikko J Scrunchies, The Suburban Edit, Blush and Navy Boutique, Haute Cotton, Peak Paper Co, and Spruc’d Design Co. Moms and daughters will have the opportunity to meet other women in the community, discover new products and services, and enjoy everything from a fondue bar to a selfie wall.

Valentine’s Day selfie wall at Fourpost in Mall of America

If you are interested in learning more about Fourpost, I will be at Shoptalk in Las Vegas, Nevada, from March 3-6 and open to discussing the future of retail in greater depth and how I believe that brands can engage the modern family. You can sign up here to book a meeting. Look forward to meeting you!

This post was originally published on Mark Ghermezian’s Medium under the title “A New Era of Shopping.”