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Cultivating a Caring Community

With the holidays behind us and the new year upon us, the spirit of giving back is still ever-present. At Fourpost, our goal is to keep this spirit alive all year round by partnering with purpose-driven brands that give back to the local community and to those in need around the world.

Recent studies have shown an increase in the number of purpose-driven companies, both within the retail space and beyond. Businesses like Fourpost are realizing that you shouldn’t have to choose between profit and purpose. Instead, purpose is what fuels profit — through the positive effects that it has on individuals within the company and potential customers. Purpose inspires employees to be more motivated and engaged and leads to more satisfied consumers, which ultimately translates to a successful business.

Our mission at Fourpost is to bring people and brands together through community and experiences. Beyond simply supporting innovative and unique businesses, we are committed to partnering with brands that share our core values and demonstrate a sense of social responsibility. Whether it is sending basic necessities to third world countries, donating blankets to local animal shelters, or contributing to the LGBTQ+ community, our brands truly care about giving back.

One of our brands, Flip 54 Mattress (West Edmonton Mall) believes that everyone in the world deserves to be safe, warm, have a mattress to sleep on, and proper shoes to walk in. With every purchase, Flip 54 donates either a mattress, blanket, bed net, or shoes to someone in need around the world. CuddleMutt (Mall of America), on the other hand, is passionate about something entirely different. For every item purchased, a blanket is donated to a rescue or shelter to provide comfort to a dog in need. Another notable brand, Hagen and Oats, takes pride in empowering employees and customers in the LGBTQ+ community. Hagen and Oats celebrates diversity and equal rights for everyone by donating 10% of their Stainbow sales to LGBTQ+ affirmative organizations. Finally, Still Kickin (Mall of America) is a non-profit organization that helps people going through rough times. Still Kickin sells shirts, tote bags, water bottles, and other everyday essentials, as well as hosts workout events and other activations to raise money for their “Heroes.” Each month, the company chooses a deserving person, family, or organization to be the “Still Kickin Hero” and provides them with financial support. You can learn more about this month’s hero here.

Nikki (left) and Anna (right), the founders of Hagen and Oats

At Fourpost, we cultivate spaces for our brands to connect with the community and bring awareness to philanthropic organizations. This holiday season, we organized a Holiday Sip ’n’ Shop event that was filled with fun activities for families to interact with festive, local brands, and make shopping less of a headache. We also gave shoppers the opportunity to donate to the Bissell Centre if they wanted their gifts wrapped after purchasing. The Bissell Centre supports expectant mothers, parents, and families living in poverty through a wide range of programs ranging from early child development to family aid services.

Every day, we discover more fresh, innovative brands that champion creativity and support worthy causes at the same time. We make it a part of our mission to work with these purpose-driven brands and give them the opportunity to connect with each other and the community. We look forward to partnering with more altruistic brands, and hope that you, too, will find one that speaks to your beliefs.

This post was originally published on Mark Ghermezian’s Medium under the title “Cultivating a Caring Community.”