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10 Gifts for Teachers to Show Your Appreciation

The school year can be tough on teachers. So as it wraps up, give your kids’ teachers the thanks that they deserve. Before heading off for the summer, swing by Fourpost in Mall of America to find the perfect teacher’s gift to express your appreciation for their hard work all year long.

1. Eraser pencil stands (with pencils included!).

Teachers can always use more school supplies and this gift is even better when the supplies are extra fun! These eraser pencil stands from Areaware are great for those who like tidy desks but have unpredictable penmanship. The erasers come with pencils and have a hole in the middle to keep the pencils up, so your favorite teacher won’t have to search their desk to start writing.

2. A colorful laptop or iPad case.

Give the gift of easily and fashionably transporting a laptop or iPad. Whether they are bringing their tech from school to home or home to vacay, these fun and colorful cases from PRINTWORKS are the perfect teacher’s gift.

3. A calendar for their desk.

Wit & Delight makes a desktop calendar notepad that is great for any teacher’s desk at home or in the classroom. This notepad and calendar combo is the perfect place for teachers’ to keep track of to-do lists, class schedules, notes, and everything else they have to keep up with on a daily basis. With 150 pages, it will definitely get them through the end of 2019.

4. Cute notebooks for sketching or writing.

If your favorite teacher loves to draw, journal, or write, Wit & Delight’s notebooks are the perfect gift. Plus, they’re just the right size—easily able to fit in a purse or laptop bag.  

5. A fun scented candle.

You can never go wrong with this simple, timeless gift. We recommend Anecdote Candles, which are small batch candles hand-poured in California and designed to remind us of stories worth sharing. So remind your favorite teacher of all the great times this year with fun scents like Glamping, Adulting, Bottomless Mimosas, and more.

6. A personalized mug or water bottle.

Skip the generic mugs for something a little more personal—and great for the environment! Get a high-quality, stainless steel bottle or mug from LAMOSE, etched with any design you’d like. So if you or your kids’ teacher has a favorite quote or photo, get it etched onto an environmentally-friendly bottle for them.

7. Framed photographs of your teachers and their students.

Make your teachers’ favorite memories stick by giving them fun, magnetic frames and photos of all their favorite events from the school year. Magnaframe’s photo frames can be easily arranged into different configurations on the wall, so teachers can curate their very own photo gallery at home, in the classroom, or anywhere they have a wall or shelf.

8. To-go bowls for summer picnics or school-time lunches.

Help your favorite teachers kick disposable plastic to the curb with a Porter to-go bowl from W&P. Their make-and-take bowls are better for the earth and perfect for transporting salads, grain bowls, leftovers, or anything else. The durable lunch bowls feature a protective non-slip exterior, rigid plastic lid, and snap-tight silicone strap.

9. An utterly correct guide to grammar.

Dreyer’s English from Penguin Random House is the best book you could ever give to your favorite English teacher. This playful and useful guide to the English language offers lessons on punctuation, grammar, spelling, style, and more in a delightful read. If your teachers’ love language and all its little complexities and oddities, look no further than this book by Benjamin Dreyer, the copy chief of Random House for over two decades.

10. The best tape for decorating a room.

Whether your favorite teachers are looking ahead to prepping their classroom for next semester or are tackling home decor over the summer, masking tape is a colorful and exciting gift. Tape from the mt masking tape shop at Fourpost can be torn by hand, is easy to reposition, and can be used on paper, objects, or even walls without damaging the paint.

You can find all of these gifts and more at Fourpost in Mall of America. Plus, don’t forget to pick up a card to write your teacher a thank-you note to go along with their gift!