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5 Quick Tips to Drive Traffic Between Your Digital & Physical Stores

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Before becoming a retail entrepreneur, you may not have thought about how you’d have to be a social media maven, a website wizard, and a sales and marketing expert all at the same time. And when you have both a physical and ecommerce store, things can get even more complicated. To successfully increase traffic and sales across channels, you need to have a strategy in place that aligns with both your digital and physical experiences.  

But before you dive into a strategy brainstorm, ask yourself this question: “What’s in it for my customer?” This customer-centric approach makes sure that all channels—websites, social media, digital ads, and physical stores—work seamlessly together.

Here are some key tips for thinking through your multi-channel business strategy that will help drive traffic from your digital store to your brick and mortar store and back again.

Create a cohesive brand experience.

This means your brand should feel the same to your customers no matter where you’re promoting it. You should establish distinctive messaging between all your consumer touchpoints, so that there’s continuity between your digital and physical presence.

Expand where you promote.

Find unique ways to promote your business, such as through partnerships, new social platforms, or local events. For example, Fourpost YEG partnered with the Fantasyland Hotel in West Edmonton Mall to create branded room key-inserts that encouraged people to “Discover the Best of Edmonton” during their visit.

Offer in-store pick up.

Giving online shoppers the opportunity to pick up their purchases from your physical location not only helps them save money on shipping, but also drives extra foot traffic.

Create enticing content.

Engage your customers with content that shows your brand is smart, trustworthy, and a leader. Your content can be entertaining or educational, as long as it engages your customer in some way. It can also promote visiting your shop and show why your products are unique and beneficial. There are so many ways to create and promote content from blog articles to videos to social media posts and more.

Publicity Room business panel event at Fourpost in West Edmonton Mall

Plan live events.

Interacting with your customers in person is one of the best things you can do to drive traffic to your shop. It adds a personal touch to your business and brands you as an expert in your field.