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Here’s How You Can Immediately Boost Your In-Store Sales

Whether it’s a slow sales month or you’re ramping up for the holiday season, there are always ways to get your shop into tip-top shape. Improving your merchandising techniques will help you boost sales and grow your business. From getting creative with your signage to putting impulse buys front and center, here are five ways to get your customers to go from eyeing to buying:

Use signs as silent sellers.

Clever signs are an easy way to entice customers into your shop or prime them to start spending. Less is more, so make your copy concise, clear, and playful. While it’s best to be upfront with your prices, you can keep it fun with puns or alliteration. Concise copy will also help you cut down on clutter, so that your signs are visually appealing and easy to read from a distance.

Letter board spotted at Nest & Co at Fourpost in West Edmonton Mall

Pro tip: use the words “you” and “yours” to always make your customers feel top of mind.

Match slow movers with great sellers.

Guests who linger and slowly peruse your shop tend to be higher spenders, so pair them with your best sales associates. They can assist them as they browse, help sell your brand’s story, and ultimately drive the sale.

Get creative with product displays.

Play with color and height to add visual contrast, such as arranging items from light to dark or smallest to tallest. Keep in mind that when customers approach stacked items, it’s the perfect opportunity for you or one of your sales associates to help them find the right size.

Jewelry from Saraswati at Fourpost in West Edmonton Mall

Offer a full solution.

Group items together in a display to compel shoppers to buy more than one product. You can tell a story by placing similar items next to each other, such as beach totes and swimsuits or holiday cards and candles. In fact, the holiday season is a great time to try this out.

Products from Adesso and Lamose. Photo Credit: Sparkles, Lace & Sequins

Feature impulse buys near check-out.

As your customer makes their way to the register, display must-have items within arm’s reach. This is a simple way to land a last-minute sale or two. Be conscious of price point, though—the sweet spot is between $12 and $20.

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