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12 Women-Owned Brands to Support on International Women’s Day

At Fourpost, we love supporting women-run businesses. That’s why we’re celebrating all the incredible brands at Fourpost that are founded by women this International Women’s Day. These moms, fashionistas, educators, and business leaders are building influential brands and crushing it in the retail world. Whether you’re into crafting, jewelry, or adorable children’s toys, you’re sure to discover something you love among these brands.

So take a look, shop them at Fourpost in Mall of America, and show them your support:

B + D Custom Crafts

B + D Custom Crafts makes crafting kits, monogram gifts, and cutouts that take the hassle out of creating personalized gifts. Mother-daughter team, Brittany and Debbie Travis, founded the Minnesota-based company after sharing their love for crafting personalized gifts. Their conversation quickly turned into a dream to help others easily do the same. The duo designs and sources materials they’ve tried and tested in their own homes, and they offer products for everything from bridal and baby showers to holiday and home decor.

Baubles & Bobbies

Baubles & Bobbies' founder, Ginger Neilon, noticed a void in her city for on-trend, locally-made jewelry while interning at a maker store in Mankato several years ago. She already had experience constructing and designing jewelry, so she started making a jewelry line to empower free-spirited women. As a result, Baubles & Bobbies was born. The north life inspires her modern jewelry designs and she puts each piece together by hand in her studio in downtown Mankato, Minnesota.

Dearest Baker

Cynthia Lee started her company after trying a French macaron that she felt she could tweak with the Southeast Asian flavors of her childhood. Her brand revolves around amazing customer service paired with delicious, gourmet macarons that can’t be found anywhere else. She makes the cookies in an array of colors, flavors, and shapes and is the only macaron connoisseur in Minnesota that offers character macarons in any design that you can imagine.

Embellish by Sandra

Sandra Pohle’s brand aims to add fun to everyday items that we all use. After Sandra left the corporate world to pursue her creative passions, she founded her Etsy store, Embellish by Sandra, and opened up shop at Fourpost. She handcrafts and paints a variety of home goods from unique wine stoppers to wood burned wooden spoons.

Essence One

When Lauren VanScoy was diagnosed with depression and anxiety after the birth of her daughter, she decided to try more natural ways of dealing with her situation. This led her to essential oils and pursuing a certification in aromatherapy. Not long after, she founded Essence One. With her brand, she hopes to help others restore a healthy life through natural products and to bring awareness to natural mental health therapies. She also donates a portion of her profits to an organization that brings awareness to mental health education and resources. You can read more of her story in the Fourpost Magazine.

Excelsior Candle Co.

Heidi Mueller has created unique gifts and crafts for over ten years, starting with jewelry and culminating in her candle business, Excelsior Candle Co. She handcrafts small batches of soy wax candles in an environmentally-friendly process. This includes using essential oils and fragrances for scent and finishing her candles with a cotton or wood wick. Her team does everything by hand in their Saint Paul, Minnesota, studio—from applying the labels to packing and shipping.

Gathered Goods

Inspired by their need for space to create and grow their own companies, the founders opened this boutique store. Nicole Lemmerman and Tara Thorn were already running their own businesses (Nicole with Oscar & Olivia, a hair accessories shop on Etsy, and Tara with Cedar & Cypress Designs, an online shop supporting local Haitian artisans) when they decided to team up. They wanted to support other artisans by opening a store to sell local products. This became Gathered Goods, a fun and fresh boutique and DIY/event space in Excelsior, Minnesota. Between their boutique and Fourpost shop, they have curated products from over 45 local Minnesota-based artisans, as well as clothing, home goods, and products from Haiti.

Mala & Me

Sisters Amanda Magyar and Sabrina Souto founded Mala & Me in 2015 after making malas—prayer beads—for their friends and family. Based in Edmonton, Canada, their business quickly grew as they identified a gap in the market for intentional jewelry. Their inclination to help others laid the foundation for a unique business where they seek to do more than just sell jewelry. They strive to create beautiful, quality pieces that are a tangible expression of people’s mindful intentions. Through purpose and energy, they want their jewelry to empower their wearers to experience more love, peace, and joy. You can read more about their journey in the Fourpost Magazine.

MEND Jewelry

At 16, Jordyn DiOrio spent her time making tote canvas bags with famous artwork printed on them. Without knowing it, that was the beginning of her love for entrepreneurship. Jordyn started MEND in January 2017 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She wanted to create a brand that brought women together and would teach her more about business along the way. Her brand has three main elements to it: beauty, meaning, and stories. She aims to connect people’s stories to thoughtfully designed pieces of jewelry. In less than two years, she has designed six collections, hosted pop-ups at Nordstrom and PRIMP, been honored with several awards, and opened up shop at Fourpost.

Please Don’t Tell

Carolina Benoit started Please Don’t Tell as an online store that curated cute finds from around the world. Her business soon expanded into a boutique at a large mall. However, after seeing the number of products sold daily at the mall, the plastic bags, and the waste generated from selling, she decided to change her lifestyle and with it her boutique. Based in Miami, Please Don’t Tell now carries carefully-picked, ethical, and eco-friendly pieces. Plus, she recently launched her own collection and makes her pieces in India with eco-friendly materials and traditional processes.

Pura Botanicals

Based in Edmonton, Canada, Lane Edwards founded Pura Botanicals after becoming sensitive to conventional beauty products during her first pregnancy. She designed her own plant-based, eco-friendly line without chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Since then, Pura has evolved into a line of high-performance skincare, baby care, and botanical perfumes. Her brand crafts its products with intentional, pristine, and plant-based ingredients that come from sustainable, ethical sources around the world. Her team crafts their biodynamic formulas by hand in micro-batches to ensure quality and freshness and keep with the highest standards of beauty manufacturing.

Rose & Rex

While in graduate school for Childhood Education, Allison Klein studied the importance of imaginative play on early childhood development. She later applied this research in pre-kindergarten classrooms where she worked. As she watched her students grow and transform through play, Allison knew she wanted to start a broad conversation about the importance of play for children in today’s results-driven culture. That’s why she founded Rose & Rexa toy boutique that offers elegantly designed toys to promote skill-building and development at every age. Each of her brand’s toys is handpicked by educational professionals, teachers, and child development experts to help foster imaginative play.

And the list of women-owned brands at Fourpost doesn’t stop there! Over 25 brands in our store are founded and run by women, including Buck Naked Soap Company, Cheengoo, Hagen & Oats, HoneyBelle, Enamel Co., Made Market Co., Masek Baby, Oh, Little Rabbit, Sadie’s Moon, The Bee and the Fox, The Giving Keys, The Northern Thread, Wild Design Lab, and Wildfire Teepees.

Discover and support them all at Fourpost in Mall of America.