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Behind the Brand: How LAMOSE is Protecting the Environment One Water Bottle at a Time

Named for the lakes, mountains, and sea, LAMOSE wants to empower people to experience the world while protecting it.

The brand was inspired by the founders’ love for Canada’s natural geography, and their desire to keep it safe from pollutants, such as plastic water bottles.

“I do a lot of hiking and outdoor adventures, which is what inspired this brand,” says Chen Liu, the co-founder of LAMOSE. “Over the years, I’ve burned through so many plastic bottles. Plastic is an incredible waste—an environmental waste and a waste of money. Also, plastic starts to stink over time, collecting germs, so I’d eventually to switch to a new bottle.”

When the opportunity came along for him to design his own insulated product with his co-founder Leo Ying, they decided to build completely reusable, plastic-free bottles.

Making a Positive Environmental Impact

LAMOSE makes their water bottles with 100% quality steel from cap to bottom, so that they’re not only plastic-free, but also designed to last forever. By keeping plastic out of their bottle, they have a competitive edge over other stainless steel bottle companies as their products will last longer and are more environmentally-friendly.

“Most other popular stainless steel water bottles use plastic on the inside of their lids,” Chen says. “However, our bottle lids are pure stainless steel.”

Besides the impact on the environment, Chen explained that plastic in water bottles tends to start smelling over time as plastic produces odors. His brand’s bottles are also dishwasher safe because plastic lids in dishwashers often deform and cause leaking. This makes them durable and reusable for decades.

While LAMOSE continues to innovate and design new products with the goal to be as plastic-free as possible, they also listen and respond to their customer’s feedback. And sometimes that means trying something a little different. They wanted to add a lid to their steel coffee mugs, but found that stainless steel lids are fairly difficult to make.

“As much as we wanted to stay away from plastic, we had so many requests for a lid that we ended up introducing a plastic lid because of all the feedback,” says Chen. “It was amazing how much it increased the insolation of the hot beverage. Compared to maybe an hour of hot coffee, it extended that to three to four hours of hot coffee.”

However, even when they do use plastic, they produce their products in the most environmentally sustainable and safe manner possible. LAMOSE bottles and other products are designed to be produced, used, and reused without negatively impacting the environment in any way.

Creating Uniques Experiences Around LAMOSE

Chen claims that it’s not just the design of the bottles and how environmentally-aware they are that sets them apart from competitors. It’s also the fact that they’ve created an unique experience and lifestyle around their products.

LAMOSE allows you to customize your bottle through laser printing, which you can watch in person at their storefronts or order online. They will personalize your bottle, whether it’s with a company logo, name, pattern, drawing, or photo. Chen says that this is brilliant for companies ordering brand merch because people use water bottles every day, while a branded shirt might only be worn once a week.

“A water bottle is an essential, just like your wallet and keys,” he says. “And you can bring it with you everywhere. We give you an opportunity to empower your personality and show it off.”

Beyond the engravings, they’ve also been inspired by the natural world around them and try to promote an adventurous lifestyle. They’ve even named their products after Maligne Lake, Mount Robson, and Hudson Bay near their roots in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. “We do a lot of outdoor stuff and we want to encourage people to travel and get outside,” Chen says. “It reflects our core belief as a company, which is that life should be full of adventures.”

And it’s working for them. They have a strong Instagram presence with over 14,000 followers and phrase that gets people excited to engage with their brand: “Wherever you go, #lamosego.” Plus, the overwhelmingly positive response to their brand has led them to start opening up their own locations and sell in stores across Canada and recently in the USA.

Expanding a Brand That’s Good for the Planet

LAMOSE was primarily an online brand until about a year ago when they opened up their first Studio Shop at Fourpost in the West Edmonton Mall. Chen says that this experience made them realize how easy it was to open their own store. It gave them the courage to since open two more shops in Alberta, and open up a second Studio Shop with Fourpost in Mall of America in the United States. They also hope to move into Toronto and Vancouver in the near future.

At each of their locations, they will continue promoting environmental awareness and their mission to protect nature for generations to come.

“Slowly we will move internationally as we continue to spread awareness of the importance of products that hold up over time and are good for our planet,” says Chen. “We hope to empower people to create a better and cleaner world for the future generations.”

Learn more about their brand and visit their Studio Shop at Fourpost in Mall of America.