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Behind the Brand: Why Essence One Founder is Using Aromatherapy to Restore Healthy Lives

Lauren VanScoy, the founder of Essence One

The journey to improving your mental health is a long, hard one, and the founder of Essence One is more than familiar with it.

Around four years ago, Lauren VanScoy was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety after the birth of her daughter. While her first step was medication, she knew that she eventually wanted to try more natural ways of dealing with her situation. This led her to essential oils and the experience she needed to launch herself into a new passion.

Lauren decided to enroll in an aromatherapy certification program to learn the science behind essential oils and aromatherapy. After receiving her certification, she founded Essence One with the intent to raise awareness for mental health and help people rid their homes of harmful products and chemicals.

Making an Impact on Mental Health

Lauren now tells her story to inspire others and show them how they can use natural products to relieve stress and anxiety.

“Being a mom is hard,” Lauren says. “People warn you but you really can’t understand how much it messes with your life as you knew it, your hormones, your mind, your confidence, your time, your body, etc. and I think that is why we need each other more than ever. When I revealed my struggles with anxiety, I had so many people tell me they had the same struggles.”  

In order to help others like she was helped by aromatherapy, Lauren is intent on creating products and resources that improve her customers’ quality of life, whether it’s mitigating stress levels or simply replacing toxic care products with natural ones. She makes a range of products for all parts of life with 100% pure essential oils, from bath bombs to body lotions to cleaning supplies—all with a focus on restoring people to a healthy life.

“Mental health is so important right now and how people are experiencing it,” she says. “It’s not selling the product, it’s about touching people’s experiences.”

When she started her company, she didn’t know what it would become. However, she quickly realized the impact her products were having on people’s lives. “I make all natural products, and there are so many choices out there,” she continues. “So when people support your efforts and decide to purchase your products and tell you about their stories and experiences, that’s the most rewarding, exciting part.”

Opening to a Broader Audience

This positive experience inspired Lauren to look for new opportunities to expand her brand. While she frequently attends local markets and fairs in Minnesota, she wanted to open her own shop where she could get more exposure and reach more people through her natural products.

“It was right after the holidays and I was one of the makers that totally burnt myself out from signing up for twenty holiday events in three days,” Lauren says. “It was appealing for me to think about being in one place.”

However, as a small brand, opening her own location wasn’t feasible. She wasn’t at the point where she could afford to staff her shop, and she couldn’t be there herself as she makes all of her products by hand.

This is why Lauren decided to set up a Studio Shop with Fourpost at Mall of America last spring, where she could share staff and learn from the other business owners around her. “Being able to bounce ideas and share successes with each other is huge,” she says. “As a business owner, it can be really lonely, but the community at Fourpost is amazing.”

While at Fourpost, she received daily exposure to hundreds of people interested in supporting small businesses and learning more about brands like hers. Essence One not only saw increased sales, but was also able to capture new customers. Her Studio Shop became a place where staff could introduce the brand and hold events that let people test out the products before buying. Lauren noted that teaching and educating people about the benefits of essentials oils is more important to her than selling, so having a shop where she could do this made a big difference to her brand. Through her shop, events, and educational experiences, she hopes that her customers will walk away with more information about how they can improve their lives—even if it’s just the awareness of how aromatherapy and safe household products have helped people like her overcome their challenges with anxiety.

“It gave more exposure to my company and also to the mental health efforts I‘m trying to continue as my company grows,” she says.