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How Fourpost is Giving Back This Holiday Season

In this time of wonder and giving, we want to give back to the Twin Cities community that has supported us for the past year. So a few months ago, we connected with one of our local brand partners, Hagen and Oats, a Minnesota woodworking company with a strong mission to contribute to the LGBTQ+ community.

Since we knew they regularly donate proceeds to local LGBTQ+ affirmative organizations, we wanted to see how we could work with them and build on this. And that’s when they introduced us to RECLAIM, a Twin Cities nonprofit providing access to mental health care to queer and trans youth.

With our Northern Brights holiday theme in mind (a playful take on Minnesota’s outdoor winter wonderland) and Hagen and Oats woodworking skills and support, we came up with the idea to build a cozy cabin playhouse that we would raffle off in support of this incredible nonprofit.

Making the Northern Brights Cabin

While Nikki Hollerich and Anna Hagen, the founders of Hagen and Oats, had never taken on a project like this, they said yes to our idea and jumped right in. 

“At Hagen and Oats, we’re dedicated to supporting equal rights for all people,” Nikki and Anna told us. “While we celebrate diversity, we know that is not the case everywhere. Until diversity is celebrated by all, it is important that we give back. That’s why we were so excited to partner with Fourpost and RECLAIM on building the Northern Brights cabin. While it was totally out of our comfort zone, we jumped on the project because we knew that this partnership would directly help queer and trans youth get the care they need through RECLAIM’s therapy programs.”

So they gathered together tongue and groove pine and 2x4 lumber at their Newport, Minnesota, workshop to start building the cabin. 

Construction on the Northern Brights Cabin in Hagen and Oats' workshop

Hagen and Oats’ custom builds begin with design, and go through a detailed, refined process where they cut, assemble, and stain all the wood themselves. 

Staining wood in the Hagen and Oats' workshop

From planning to delivery, it took around two months to create the cabin. And when they were finished, it stood around nine feet tall and eight feet wide—perfect for an outdoor playhouse or hangout spot!

On November 4, they brought it into our store in Mall of America, where you can come see it through the end of the year.

How You Can Give Back, Too

Interested in winning the Northern Brights Cabin or giving back to RECLAIM? You can win it by purchasing raffle tickets at Fourpost in Mall of America from now until December 24. 

Tickets are $5 for one or two for $8.

Inside the Northern Brights Cabin at Fourpost MOA

If you win the cabin, you can either take it home or re-gift it to a community organization in need. All proceeds from the raffle tickets will go to RECLAIM, helping them continue their important work.

Just want to make a contribution to RECLAIM? Donate here.

“With the money raised at Fourpost this holiday season, we'll be able to continue to provide exceptional mental health support regardless of a client's insurance or ability to pay out of pocket,” Dr. Felicia Washington Sy from RECLAIM told us. “RECLAIM is known for the depth and quality of our work with queer and transgender youth and families, the majority of whom are uninsured or underinsured.”

How RECLAIM Helps Queer & Trans Youth

RECLAIM’s mission is to increase access to mental health support for queer and trans youth, so that they can reclaim their lives from oppression in all its forms. They provide therapy each week to over 65 youth, ages 12 to 26—80% of whom are trans or gender nonconforming. To do this, they maintain an office, where they hire therapists and host individual and group therapy sessions. Beyond therapy, they also work within the community to do educational trainings and outreach around the intersection of gender and racial justice. 

Through RECLAIM’s important programs, youth in the Twin Cities area have a place to go where they can be accepted and get the help they need. That’s why we’ve partnered with them this season and are raising funds through our Northern Brights Cabin raffle. For every $50 we raise together for RECLAIM, a young person can attend a weekly Gender Exploration Group. And for every $250 raised, RECLAIM can provide a therapy session to an uninsured youth.

Help us help RECLAIM! Visit us in-store this holiday season to purchase a raffle ticket or donate directly to the cause here.