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Meet Fourpost

We are Fourpost, a new kind of retail space.

Fourpost is a rotating curation of unique Studio Shops, eateries, and events opening in two of the largest malls in North America. We make it easy for brands to open their own stores by providing everything they need to set up shop. But, more importantly, we’re building a community where brands can successfully expand their businesses by learning from their customers and each other.

The retail industry is in the midst of a significant shift. When conveniences such as Amazon and direct-to-consumer brands popped up, customers flocked to online shopping. However, brands and customers are moving back to brick and mortar stores—Warby Parker, Wayfair, and even Amazon are opening up storefronts where customers can shop, connect with, and experience these products in real life.  

For many brands, opening a store can be a daunting task. From finding a space to having to build it out, the entire process can take months to years, not to mention being fairly expensive. There needs to be an easier and more efficient way for brands of all sizes to benefit from this shift back to brick and mortar. The entire retail market needs to change and be built from the bottom up.

As I realized how outdated the technologies and processes to set up a storefront are, I had an epiphany—if we remove the noise from this process and create a turnkey model, we can fill storefronts and give brands access to a new set of customers. This idea sparked at my last venture, Braze, a SaaS company that provides one-on-one customer engagement tools for companies like Urban Outfitters. At Braze, we developed a subscription-based, high customer support model that helped brands move to mobile, and incumbent services were left behind because they could not meet market demands. I saw an opportunity to apply the same model to brick and mortar retail, an industry ripe for disruption, and Fourpost was born.

Today brands are demanding a new platform to support their brick and mortar needs. We are going to be that platform of choice. At Fourpost, we’ll lift up all brands through our ‘posts’: Space, Community, Service, and Curation.

Members sign up for a Studio Shop of their own within the Fourpost location. Instead of leasing traditional square feet, we offer three shape layouts: Cubes, Triangles, and Rectangles. Each Studio Shop comes with the necessities a brand needs to run a storefront, including staffing, fixtures, signage, lighting, POS hardware, and Wi-Fi. Our Studio Shops were designed for brands of all categories to convey their unique story regardless of where they are in their lifecycle, from local, emerging, national, international to digitally native brands.

Additionally, we support our members beyond simply providing them with a Studio Shop. All Fourpost members have access to tools to help them expand and succeed. We have a dedicated customer success team for business management. Brands and customers can attend events, workshops, and thought leadership programming to learn, grow, and discover. We also provide an online dashboard where brands can easily manage details such as onboarding and account management, business training, and billing. This dashboard is also a hub where brands can view analytics gathered from their sales and foot traffic and connect with Fourpost and each other—continuing to build the larger Fourpost community beyond the store.

Fourpost shoppers can peruse and purchase products across a variety of categories, ranging from fashion to home goods to food, from a fresh mix of brands hand-selected by the Fourpost curation team. They can also establish personal connections with the business owners to learn the backstories of their brands. Plus, they know they are purchasing products of the best quality by actually seeing and touching the items at Fourpost.

We’re excited to help foster this new community and build an experience that is much more than shopping. On November 1, 2018, we opened our doors in Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

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